Peer review process

  1. After receiving the manuscript of the article within 5 business days, the executive editor of the journal verifies that article complies with the formal requirements regarding the possibility of publication as set forth in the section "Author Guidelines", including compliance of the problematics of the journal and the manuscript. The author(s) of the manuscript submit the signed scanned author's agreement on the transfer of permission for the possibility of publishing research results, the original of which after the acceptance for publication of the article must be sent by mail to the address of the journal. If the original of the author's agreement is not submitted within 1 month after the acceptance of the article, the article is removed from the queue for publication.
  2. The manuscript is checked for identity in the program or another program at the discretion of the executive editor, and if more than 15% of the borrowed text is revealed or if any forms of plagiarism are detected (including self-plagiarism), the manuscript returned to the author(s) with the possibility of re-submission after adjustment.
  3. In the case of acceptance of the manuscript on formal features, materials without authorship and organization in which the author(s) work are submitted to 2 independent peer review experts in the field of research that adheres to the privacy policy regarding the materials submitted. Within 15 days, reviewers fill out the special article manuscript review that is posted on the site in which there are items: A) The manuscript may be published in the author's wording. The manuscript may be published after correction. C) The manuscript cannot be published.
  4. The received peer review report is sent to the author(s) of the article for familiarization without specifying the authorship of the reviewers (peer review experts are disclosed after the peer review procedure, clause 4.2 of the publication ethics (see also clause 9.2)).
  5. In the case of the mark of at least one of the peer review experts in paragraph «C» of article manuscript review, the article is returned to the authors, and in the publication refuses (possible appeal clause 4.2.2 of the publication ethics).
  6. In case of the impossibility of publishing the manuscript without further correction at least from one peer review experts the manuscript should be correction by the author(s).
  7. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the author(s) will be informed of the issue number of the magazine in which their publication will be published. The approximate period from the submission of the materials of the article prior to its publication is from 3 to 9 months.