Author Guidelines

Text materials are submitted to the editorial office via the website of the journal «Energy Technologies and Resource Saving» or sent to e-mail (,, be sure to receive confirmation of receipt of materials!) with a single file, one size 10 in 1.5 intervals executed in the editor of Microsoft Word. The volume of the article, including tables, captions to the figures and references, should not exceed 10 pages and contain no more than 6-8 figures. The author(s) of the manuscript submit the signed agreement on the transfer of permission for the possibility of publishing research results. 

The first page contains a data block: UDC, authors' surnames and initials scientific degree, title, preferably ORCID, full name of the organization (without abbreviations), exact postal and e-mail address of the enterprise (organization), each author, as well as the title of the article, which should be informative and short, abstract and keywords. 

Annotation (100-200 words) should reflect the short content and results of the work, not repeat its name, not contain common phrases, abbreviations and not repeat the conclusions. 

Keywords (5-6 words) should contain the main terms of the article. 

Formulas must be typed from the keyboard. The use of a formula editor is permit in case if the formulas contain mathematical symbols that are not accessible from the keyboard. 

Tables that must have a number and name should be typed using the option "Table" with the obligatory breakdown of lines. Abbreviations of words in the text, tables and figures are not allowed. 

Figures are provided as separate files with the extension *.tif, *.jpg, *.pcx, *.bmp. All graphic files are provided with a resolution of 300 dpi. Graphs and charts - in black and white format (bitmap 1-bit), photos - in shades of gray (grayscale 8-bit). The width of the figures together with the digitization is 8.0 cm. The positions and curves in the figure are numbered sequentially in 1.5-2 mm font. Only numeric and letter designations are allowed. The explanatory inscriptions are placed in the captions for the pictures or in the text of the article. The grid on the picture does not need to be applied.

Bibliography. It is recommended to comply with DSTU 8302: 2015 «Information and documentation. Bibliographic link. General requirements and rules of drafting». It is necessary to supplement the manuscript with a separate list of references (References) in English. After each reference, the source language is indicated in brackets (Rus., Ukr., Eng. or others). 

Information about all authors, telephone number (or mobile) of each author and e-mail address must be attached to the article; you must specify a contact person.

As a template, you can use any article from the "Archives" section.