Author Guidelines

Attention to the authors!

The scientific and technical journal “Energy Technologies and Resource Saving” ( publishes original articles on a paid basis (4,000 UAH for one article, which includes a free copy of the printed edition) that match its profile (see the block of the site “Categories and Main Subjects of the Journal Sections”), which have scientific and practical significance and not previously published. Articles should include the following semantic elements: statement of the problem in general form and its relationship with relevant scientific and applied problems; identification of previously unresolved parts of the general problem to which the article is devoted; formulation of the purpose of the article; presentation of the main research material; discussion and justification of the obtained scientific results; conclusions and prospects for further research in this direction, recommendations on the use of practical results. Articles can be structured according to the main issues discussed or the most important research results achieved.

Text materials are provided to the editors by e-mail in one file (only with the extension .doc or .rtf) and printed in 1 copy, point size 10 at 1.5 intervals in Word 6.0, 7.0, 97, 2000 or later. The volume of the article is 10–15 pages and 6–8 figures. All authors must sign the article and the pages are numbered.

The data block is given on the first page: UDC, surnames and initials of the authors in Russian, academic degree, title, full name of the organization (without abbreviations), exact postal and electronic address of the enterprise (organization) of each author, as well as the name of the article, which should be informative and concise, abstract and keywords. This block needs to be translated into Ukrainian. The same block should be professionally translated into English with the assistance of a specialized organization (with the provision of a certificate), since the quality of the annotation and its translation is one of the main requirements for journals for inclusion in international databases of scientific publications.

An abstract (200-300 words) should reflect the summary and results of the work, not repeat its name, not contain common phrases, abbreviations and not duplicate conclusions.

Keywords (5-6 words) should contain the main terms of the article.

Formulas, as well as designations in the text, must be typed in direct font from the keyboard, unless they contain mathematical symbols that are not accessible from the keyboard.

Tables should have a number and a name and be typed using the “Table” option with mandatory line breaks and placed after the paragraph where they are first mentioned. Abbreviations of words in the text, tables and figures are not allowed.

Images must be provided as separate graphic files (as well as printer prints) made exclusively in specialized graphic software packages Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Draw with the file extension .tif, .jpg with a resolution of at least 300 dpi with a width of 8 , 0 cm with digitization. Graphs, charts, and photographs are grayscale (grayscale 8-bit). Positions and curves are numbered sequentially in 2 mm font. Only numeric and alphabetic designations are allowed. Explanatory inscriptions are made in the captions to the figures in the text of the article.

Graphical objects inserted (Import) in MS Word are not accepted as drawings!

The list of references is given in the order of mention in the text without automatic numbering.

For articles: last names, initials of all authors, article title, journal name, year, volume, number, pages from and to.

For books: after the full name of all authors - the name of the book, city, publisher, year, total number of pages.

For copyright certificates and patents: it is obligatory to indicate the class, surnames of the authors, name, full date of publication, bulletin number.

References – a list of references in Latin, where the names of the authors and the names of publishers are given by transliteration from the Cyrillic alphabet (, and the names of journals, articles, books and patents are translated into English and placed in square brackets. After each link, the original language (Rus.) Or (Ukr.) Is indicated in parentheses. All authors are indicated and no abbreviations or abbreviations are allowed.


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 The direction of the institution, internal review, as well as information about all the authors, the phone number (or mobile number) of each author and the email address with the contact person must be attached to the article. A license agreement is concluded with the authors.

The editors send the authors one layout for approval. Makeup with changes should be returned to the editor within 2 business days.