• V.I. Rudyka State enterprise «GIPROKOKS», Kharkiv
  • V.P. Malyna State enterprise «GIPROKOKS», Kharkiv
  • S.P. Fedak State enterprise «GIPROKOKS», Kharkiv
  • O.A. Tsymbal State enterprise «GIPROKOKS», Kharkiv
Keywords: coke, coke-chemical industry, coke-oven gas


Materials describing the current state of the global coke industry and the main trends of its development are represented. Data on production of major coke producers in the world are also represented. It is shown that the slowdown of technical development of coke industry requires to compensate it by creating of flexible towards to coal base technology, which would contribute to produce coke of desired quality, reduction of cost production and reduce environmental pollution. Shown special significance of use of technology of coke dry quenching in coke production and the role of SE «GIPROKOKS» in the development and improvement of this energy saving technology, its promotion on the world market. Are considered the main technological aspects of two-products technology of coke production, that provide in addition to obtaining the coke as the main product to produce coke-oven gas containing more than 60 % hydrogen and 30 % carbon monoxide. Receiving the coke oven gas of a specified composition allows to significantly expand the scope of its application. Are considered technology directed to the expanding of coal raw materials base of coking and improving the quality of metallurgical coke. Bibl. 6, Fig. 2, Tab. 2.

Author Biography

V.I. Rudyka, State enterprise «GIPROKOKS», Kharkiv

Candidate of Economic Sciences


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Rudyka, V., Malyna, V., Fedak, S., & Tsymbal, O. (2017). THE MAIN TRENDS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF WORLD COKE-CHEMICAL INDUSTRY AT THE PRESENT STAGE. Energy Technologies & Resource Saving, (2), 22-29.
Raw material processing and resource saving