• A.A. Osmak National University of Food Technologies, Kyiv
  • A.A. Seregin National University of Food Technologies, Kyiv
Keywords: plant biomass, waste wood, sunflower husks, renewable energy


The perspectives of processing biomass to raise it to the country’s energy mix. The results of studies of fuel characteristics most commonly used renewable energy in Ukraine: wood waste and agricultural industries. In order to determine the flammability of the analysis of the chemical composition of the waste wood and sunflower husk. Presents estimates of effective thermal conductivity sunflower husks and wood waste (chips) depending on porosity, temperature and moisture content. The expediency of using plant biomass as a fuel in regions without centralized energy supply and available fossil fuel resources has been confirmed. This also applies to enterprises for the processing of wood and agricultural products (woodworking and pulp and paper mills, factories for the production of sunflower oil, etc.), where a large amount of waste from the processing of vegetable raw materials is generated. Bibl. 10, Fig. 1, Tab. 5.


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Author Biography

A.A. Seregin, National University of Food Technologies, Kyiv

Doctor of Technical Sciences


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