• V.Ya. Braverman LLC «Consulting and Implementation Center “Renewable Resources”», Odesa
  • I.B. Krusch LLC «Consulting and Implementation Center “Renewable Resources”», Odesa
  • S.D. Savchuk Company «Clear Energy», Kyiv region, Ukraine
Keywords: hydrogen, municipal solid waste, accumulation, pyrolysis, gasification, organic Rankine cycle


System of hydrogen production from the organic part of solid household waste, typical for the landfill of the city of Odessa is discussed. The system consists of low-temperature waste pyrolysis, high-temperature gasification of pyrolysis products, as well as a unit for membrane separation of synthesis gas into pure hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The high efficiency of the system we offer is achieved due to the recovery of the exothermic heat of the process, as well as combustion of carbon monoxide obtained during the separation of synthesis gas. The Odessa landfill receives solid waste per year from 2.5 million m3 to 3.0 million m3 depending on the season. Accordingly, up to 1.0 million m3 or 157,000 tons of carbon-containing (biodegradable) waste is subject to energy processing. With a minimum selling price of hydrogen of $ 4/kg, the annual income from the sale of 15,700 tons will be $ 62.8 million. Bibl. 11, Fig. 3, Table 1.


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Author Biography

V.Ya. Braverman, LLC «Consulting and Implementation Center “Renewable Resources”», Odesa

Candidate of Technical Sciences


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