• O.M. Kolomiets Coal Energy Technology Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv
Keywords: nitrogen oxides, ozone, reactor, model


A mathematical model of the process of ozone oxidation of nitrogen oxides in a chemical reactor is presented. The conformity of the model to the real process is checked by comparing the results of calculations with the data of physical experiments on a laboratory installation. The results of numerical modeling of the process in the reactor using the specified mathematical model are presented. The results of the calculations revealed the influence of the initial parameters of the process on its performance characteristics, in particular on the efficiency of conversion of nitrogen monoxide into dioxide. Based on the analysis of the calculated characteristics, the optimal operating parameters of the reactor at different modes are determined. Bibl. 5, fig. 6, table. 4.

Author Biography

O.M. Kolomiets, Coal Energy Technology Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

Candidate of Technical Sciences


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Kolomiets, O. (2020). MODELING OF THE OXIDATION OF NITROGEN OXIDES BY OZONE. Energy Technologies & Resource Saving, (4), 56-62.
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