• V.I. Kushneruk PE «Research Institute «STORM», Odesa
  • V.Ya. Braverman PE «Research Institute «STORM», Odesa
  • M.A. Bukraba PE «Research Institute «STORM», Odesa
Keywords: heat accumulator, paraffin, nighttime tariff, heat pump, cell


Currently, analytical and calculated design is being performed for heat-retaining cell of wax that can give up the accumulated during the «nighttime tariff» heat within 8 ... 9 hours. The choice of a cylindrical form for the heat-retaining cell is being validated; cell body is made of a thin-walled metal, the sell is filled with heat-retaining substance – paraffin by 70% of volume and is covered with lid. Based on calculations, comply with the methods of transient heat conduction, the diameter and the height of cylindrical shape cells of wax were defined, which are chosen equal and reach 130–135 mm for the period of «nighttime tariff». Design results have been confirmed experimentally and can be applied to develop paraffin-based heat accumulators in heating systems based on heat pumps for spaces, operating as offices. Bibl. 5, Fig. 2.

Author Biographies

V.I. Kushneruk, PE «Research Institute «STORM», Odesa

Candidate of Technical Sciences

V.Ya. Braverman, PE «Research Institute «STORM», Odesa

Candidate of Technical Sciences

M.A. Bukraba, PE «Research Institute «STORM», Odesa

Candidate of Technical Sciences


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