• A.S. Makarov The Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
Keywords: water-coal fuel, disperse system, sedimentation resistance


The perspective of obtaining fuels based on different degrees of metamorphism coals and organic waste has been considered. Coal-water fuel is a highly concentrated dispersed system consisting of a highly dispersed coal fraction and water with additives of plasticizers and stabilizers. Using these additives in the slurry gives possibility to reduce their viscosity, as well as to provide aggregative and sedimentation stability at higher concentrations of the solid phase. To ensure the ecological safety of combustion products in suspension, if it is necessary, products are added such as desulfurizers, corrosion inhibitors. The resulting slurry fuels are highly caloric and environmentally friendly. The suspension fuel caloric content can reach and even exceed the coal energy intensity. Due to this, as one of the components of dispersion medium industrial waste can be used. All harmful organic components decompose and burn at high temperatures (above 1200 °C). Bibl. 25.


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